RakuDist Update. Rakudo Versions Support.

I continue to post updates on RakuDist project aiming to help Raku modules authors to test their distributions on different environments.

Here is very quick ( I lack of time due to my main $work ) but exciting update. Now RakuDist supports  various Rakudo versions.

Long story short

Yes, you can now test your shiny Raku  module install against arbitrary Rakudo version. Now RakuDist expose simple ( don’t blame me if the server will blow under a load 😉 ) yet handy API to test distribution online:

curl -d os=debian -d rakudo_version=SHA $api_url/rakudist/api/run/$module

For example to test Tomty module against rakudo version 40b13322c503808235d9fec782d3767eb8edb899 on Debian say this:

curl -d os=debian \
-d rakudo_version=40b13322c503808235d9fec782d3767eb8edb899 \


Low level API

If for some reasons you don’t want to use public API, you can run RakuDist test scenarios on on-premise infrastructure. All you need is a docker container!

Following a simple workflow:

Install Sparrowdo

zef install --/test Sparrowdo

Pull docker images

docker pull debian

Run container

docker run -d -t --rm --name debian-rakudist debian

Write test

Test scenarios are written on Sparrow6 DSL

cat sparrowfile
zef "https://github.com/melezhik/sparrow6-rakudo-install.git", %( 
  force => True 

user "test123";

my $path = module-run 'Rakudo::Install', %(
  user => 'test123',
  rakudo-version => '40b13322c503808235d9fec782d3767eb8edb899'

# Now you can use installed Rakudo

bash "perl6 --version", %(
  envvars => %( PATH => "{%*ENV<PATH>}:{$path}" ),
  user => "test123",
  debug => True

bash "zef install --/test Kind --verbose", %(
  description => "install Kind",
  user => "test123",
  envvars => %( PATH => "{%*ENV<PATH>}:{$path}" ),


Run test

sparrowdo --bootstrap \
--no_sudo --docker=debian-rakudist \


Read more on https://github.com/melezhik/RakuDist


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