RakuDist Update – Travis Integration and Post Deployment Tests

Hi! I continue to make updates on RakuDist project aimed to automate a process of testing Raku modules.

Here is a couple of interesting features I have added recently.

Enter Travis CI integration and post deployemt checks.

Travis CI

If one need to run RakuDist through Travis CI it’s as simple as that:

language: minimal

 - curl
curl -d thing=$github_project http://rakudist.raku.org/ci -s | bash


$github_project – github project URL, for example – https://github.com/Kaiepi/ra-Kind

(*) – RakuDist supports GitLab projects as well I just need to write a proper helper for that.

Post deployment scenarios

Quite often Raku modules distributions include scripts that are part of an installation process.

RakuDist allows to test such a scripts at post deployment phase:

nano smokefile:

bash 'your-script', %(
  user => config()<user>,
  expect_stdout => 'this string should be in a script output'

You could see more sophisticated and interesting examples here.

I would like to hear from Raku modules authors if this feature is useful.

That’s all for @today, stay tuned!


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