RakuDist Update. Web UI

Hi this is a small update of RakuDist – an API to test Raku modules.
Nothing major has happened since my last update. However I am exited to announce a web UI to browse recent tests:


To run tests one need to use an HTTP API.

For example to run test against Kind module and ​​​Rakudo commit version 1a10b63a :

curl -d os=alpine \
-d rakudo_version=1a10b63a28e2de5d826a2336875fcda04e4f6c0b \

One can also test against GitHub/GitLab projects, the same test for a GitHub source code would be:

curl -d os=alpine \
-d project Kaiepi/p6-Kind \
-d rakudo_version=1a10b63a28e2de5d826a2336875fcda04e4f6c0b \

All the tests get browsed through a web UI http://repo.westus.cloudapp.azure.com/rakudist

Current OS supported:

* CentOS
* Debian
* Alpine

Rakudo version could be set:

* as a full commit SHA
* or a default version  2020.02.1  could be chosen

Thank you for reading. As always your comments and feedback are welcome.



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