RakuDist Update. Long Queue Short.


RakuDist is a service that enables Raku module authors to test theirs distribution across different Rakudo and OS versions.

A lot of things have happened to the project recently.

I am to busy to write all the details, but to make a long story short, there are two important facts.

RakuDist has got a nice web UI, so people could launch builds by using convenient html form, try it now!


In the future I’ll probably find a proper domain name for the service, but so far it’s the link just mentioned.

And secondly, RakuDist is now powered by Sparky backend, which means all the builds are 100% asynchronous queues and hopefully my VM will cope with a load if people start using the service proactively.

That is it. Thank you for reading. I’d appreciate comments as usual from Raku community.





3 thoughts on “RakuDist Update. Long Queue Short.

  1. I’ve been wondering: is RakuDist eventually going to evolve into Raku’s CPANTesters? Is there any fully-automated smoke testing for Raku modules yet? Thanks!


  2. Hi @cxv! I don’t know to be honest. So far RaluDist is a convenient way to test Raku distribution with just one click deployment. When _authors_ triggers
    builds for their modules. You can also trigger travis builds and launch RakuDist from external systems using HTTP API .

    CPANTesters on my view is more about reporting zef install errors from users machines back to centralized server, rather then authors run tests intentionally … ( I may be wrong on this part here, CPANTester has also a dedicated team that pick modules randomly an test them, but the RakuDist is first of all is targeted to Raku modules authors )

    So logically those two systems have different purposes, though aiming to solve pretty much the same task – insuring modules / rakudo versions are not broken. But as you can see in different ways.

    As for the “Is there any fully-automated smoke testing for Raku modules”, I am not aware of any existing tools, but RakuDist allows people fully automate the process of testing their modules, because it’s only `zef install` but much more. For example this:


    And that


    And that


    If you be more specific about your requirements, I’d happy to give your more details and guidelines how to use RakuDist/Sparrow in that way …




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