RakuDist – Dead Easy Way to Test Raku Cli Applications

Nowadays many Raku modules authors ship cli tools as a part of their Raku modules distributions.
RakuDist provides a dead easy way to test those scripts. The benefit, it takes a minimal coding and
fully integrated into RakuDist service.

Cli application example

Say, we have a script.raku shipped as a part of a Raku module.

$ cat bin/script.raku

if @*ARGS[0] -eq "--version" {
say "app version: 0.1.0"
} elsif @*ARGS[0] -eq "--help" {
} else {
my @params = @*ARGS;
# do some stuff

To test a script installation one needs to create a .tomty/ sub directory in a module root directory and place some test scenarios. Scenarios should written on Tomty – a simple Raku framework for black box testing:

$ mkdir .tomty

$ nano .tomty/00-script-version.pl6

task-run ".tomty/tasks/app-version/";

$ mkdir -p .tomty/tasks/app-version/

$ nano .tomty/tasks/app-version/task.bash

script.raku --version

00-script-version scenario runs the script with some parameters ( help info ) and verifies successful status code.

To verify script STDOUT, create a check file with some Raku regular expressions:

$ nano .tomty/tasks/app-version/task.check

regexp: "app version:" \s+ \d+ '.' \d+ '.' \d+

You can add more scenarios, they all will be executed in a row:


Ship it and test it!

Now just add .tomty to add your CPAN module distribution and the tests will be automatically run by RakuDist!

That is it, stay tuned!


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