Rakudo Issues Player

Rakudo releases could be tough. Because the language is still in very development stage. New issues arrive daily. Let’s me introduce my attempt to help release managers and Rakudo developers to keep track of addressing existing issues with daily Rakudo commits. Enter a RIP service ( maybe I should choose a better name ? ) – Rakudo Issues Player.

The service allow one to describe existing issues as playable Rakudo scenarios, that gets automatically replayed for every new Rakudo commit.

So we have the recent issues report page with links to Rakudo GH issues and test reports:

Filling a new issue

So to fill a new issue, one as usually go to Rakduo GH issue page and fill the one. Just one extra step is required so that an issue will be checked for further commits:

* Go to https://rakudist.raku.org/play/
* Fill in your code snippet ( it could be Test scenario or any Raku code that exits none zero for negative cases )
* Name your play as an issue-$issue-number
* Run a play ( only needs once )

That is it. RIP will never let your issue get abounded. It’ll run a play for every new commit and update the report page.


RIP is still in quite early and an experimental stage. I’d like to hear a feedback from Rakudo developers and Raku community.

PS. I have a slogan idea as well. Just a thought :-)). RIP service – let your issues rest in peace.

PS. Update: @Liztormato suggested an another names for the service – RICH – Rakudo Issues Confirmation Helper.



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  1. […] Melezhik introduces the Rakudo Issues Confirmation Helper (initially called RIP), which allows one to make sure that a test-case for an issue will get run […]


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