RakuDist Update – Travis Integration and Post Deployment Tests

Hi! I continue to make updates on RakuDist project aimed to automate a process of testing Raku modules. Here is a couple of interesting features I have added recently. Enter Travis CI integration and post deployemt checks. Travis CI If one need to run RakuDist through Travis CI it’s as simple as that: language: minimalContinue reading “RakuDist Update – Travis Integration and Post Deployment Tests”

RakuDist Update – Raku Modules Custom Installation.

Custom installation I continue to play with RakuDist API searching for useful cases for Raku modules authors. With RakuDist/Sparrow6 one can easily customize an installation and testing process. Why would people need it? For various reasons: A module requires external libraries not satisfied by zef install A module requires external services – e.g. databases serversContinue reading “RakuDist Update – Raku Modules Custom Installation.”