Rakudist.raku.org Beta Testing Starts

Thanks to Raku community’s members @AlexDaniel and @rba who supported the idea of bringing RakuDist to community infrastructure, so long story short: https://rakudist.raku.org is available! Check the service out to test your Raku distribution against various versions of Rakudo. Ubuntu and Debian OS are available. The service is in beta stage, feel free to postContinue reading “Rakudist.raku.org Beta Testing Starts”

RakuDist Update. Long Queue Short.

Hello! RakuDist is a service that enables Raku module authors to test theirs distribution across different Rakudo and OS versions. A lot of things have happened to the project recently. I am to busy to write all the details, but to make a long story short, there are two important facts. RakuDist has got aContinue reading “RakuDist Update. Long Queue Short.”

Testing Command Line Applications using Tomty and RakuDist

So you have a command line application written on Raku and shipped as a Raku module to an end user. You’re quite happy with unit tests get run as a part of  zef install process. But say, you need something  extra. For example, some post deployment tests that check your tool runs properly on aContinue reading “Testing Command Line Applications using Tomty and RakuDist”

RakuDist Update – Travis Integration and Post Deployment Tests

Hi! I continue to make updates on RakuDist project aimed to automate a process of testing Raku modules. Here is a couple of interesting features I have added recently. Enter Travis CI integration and post deployemt checks. Travis CI If one need to run RakuDist through Travis CI it’s as simple as that: language: minimalContinue reading “RakuDist Update – Travis Integration and Post Deployment Tests”

RakuDist Update – Raku Modules Custom Installation.

Custom installation I continue to play with RakuDist API searching for useful cases for Raku modules authors. With RakuDist/Sparrow6 one can easily customize an installation and testing process. Why would people need it? For various reasons: A module requires external libraries not satisfied by zef install A module requires external services – e.g. databases serversContinue reading “RakuDist Update – Raku Modules Custom Installation.”